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Healing Relationships Through Hypnotherapy
by Gaye Wilson, RN, MSN, CCHT

Hypnosis is a means of directly accessing the subconscious mind. Methods of gaining this access are many and varied but most involve deep relaxation, visualization and the achievement of a meditative state of mind. Once the subconscious is available, suggestions are offered by the hypnotized person to themselves (self hypnosis) or may be offered by a Hypnotherapist (hetero-hypnosis), toward the goal of creating a different emotional environment or mind set in the subject, usually regarding a specific topic or issue. Since the subconscious mind accepts what is offered to it without discrimination, profound changes in attitude, belief systems and behaviors can result if the suggestions are well phrased and offered sincerely and sensitively. Hypnotherapy is an opportunity for people to effect changes in themselves, to create the life and world they desire, to let go of modes of thinking and acting that no longer serve them and to take time for themselves to just relax and feel good.

Beyond the most widely known uses of hypnosis, like weight loss, smoking cessation, and relaxation, some methods for changing more subtle aspects of our lives have been developed. Our sense of self worth, or the dynamics of our most important relationships, can be positively influenced by hypnotherapy. Effecting personal and interpersonal transformations is perhaps where the real magic of this special healing art is realized.

There are so many ways that our relationships can get off course at various times in our lives: couples who have "drifted apart" may have allowed barriers, built of old issues, come between them; life-time friends who have a serious difference of opinion find they are unable to approach one another to make amends; children of adult parents sometimes stay resentful of perceived mistreatment for years after the incident; and in many families, certain periods of their child's development can bring disharmony to the home. To give a specific example, turmoil seems to occur often in homes that are "growing" teenagers. Many families experience a temporary collapse of the family structure as a result of the conflicts that occur between the teen and her parents; this structure usually rebuilds itself once the child leaves the teen years behind. Unfortunately, for some families the destruction is so complete that the family stays divided forever. But it is never too late for healing to begin. Read on to discover how hypnosis can help!

Through the use of hypnosis, people's perceptions can be reframed to enable healing of damaged relationships or stabilization of relationships that are basically healthy and positive. To follow our example of the home with teens, through hypnosis, parents can "revisit" their own adolescence, get back in touch with the paradoxical feelings teens grapple with, and regain an appreciation for what an incredible stage of human development adolescence is. This allows parents to gain a sensitive perspective of who their teenagers are, who they are attempting to become, and the obstacles they encounter along the way. Teens, using hypnosis, can "experience" their parents as young people who faced many of the issues they are facing. This visualization permits the adolescent to understand her/his parents as products of past experiences and perceptions. These principles apply to other situations as well. Hypnosis allows people to "redo" key events, to look at situations from a completely different perspective, to gain an appreciation for another's position, or to recapture lost feelings of love, care and commitment, thus allowing healing to occur in the here and now.

I am interested in offering programs for people wanting to heal any relationship. I want to help individuals and families learn to come together again, in pure, perfect love, and in so doing, bring the larger community together in this same perfect love. I offer families, couples, and groups my own love, care and acceptance in the conduction of these sessions and on assisting you in gaining access to your powerful subconscious mind where true transformations can, and do, occur.

Toward the goal of healing the hearts of partners and friends, parents and their children, individual, couple and family hypnotherapy sessions. Private sessions may be arranged at your convenience. I have been a registered nurse for almost 30 years, I'm the mother of two fabulous young adults, and am now a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. Please email me at gaye@hereandtao.com for more information.

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