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"Hi, Gaye.
I'm so proud of me! It has been a year today since I QUIT smoking! Not even a puff since. THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your help. It worked!"



"I set up sessions in September of 2010 to rid me of the smoking habit. The process was painless and relaxing. Gaye was courteous, professional, and very helpful. She answered all my questions fully and gave me the feeling that she really cared about helping me. I have been smoke free since then, after almost 50 years of smoking.
Thank you Gaye. I really appreciate your help"

~ P.


"On January 12, 2002, I had an appointment to stop smoking with Ms. Gaye Wilson. What I do know is since that date, I have never smoked again. I did a second session with her shortly after, but that was it. It has now been well over 8 years since I've stopped. I was smoking almost 2 packs a day when I stopped. I've never had the want or desire since that day to smoke again. Whatever the treatment that she used on me worked amazingly, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is wanting to stop."

~ TM


"I have been smoking for 25 years, and I've quit dozens of times only to use nicotine supplements when I wasn't smoking. I could not fully kick the habit because I never gave up nicotine. I really wanted to stop completely but had no success. Then I met Gaye Wilson! I made a few appointments with her to help me quit. She said I needed to have a quit date. I immediately thought this won't work I've had quit dates before and no success. So, I set my date. On that day I went to my appointment thinking I would be smoking by the end of the day. But after meeting with Gaye, I've been nicotine free for 27 days. I know I still have a long ways to go. Gaye Wilson truly helped me kick the habit. Now I look forward to waking up everyday feeling wonderful, I can breathe again.

Thank-you Very Much Gaye!"
~ RP


"I was introduced to 'The Trainer' by Gaye Wilson, shortly after being diagnosed first with PTSD, then Conversion Disorder. I was scared and frustrated by the symptoms of temporary paralysis, my brain shutting down into "coma-like" conditions, inability to form words properly and just general anxiety and panic. Every time I use 'The Trainer', it alleviates my symptoms. Immediately. I would not be functional today without it. I wish the military would look into it, there are so many soldiers and veterans that could benefit from its calming effects."

Best wishes to you, my dear friend.
~ Deanne Hamilton


Hello Gaye,

"I wanted to take the opportunity to say THANK YOU again. I've had this sense of inner peace and calmness that I can't put into words. I seriously feel a lift of weight off my shoulders. I'm sharing this experience with others. I'm reading the material you gave me each night including the pink card. I read this every morning and night. I will definitely do this again. After the session, I went to the store bought myself some flowers, a bottle of wine and a card to celebrate being me! I wrote myself a note in the card and placed it in my "Julie's Allowing" folder."

Enjoy your trip to Argentina!

~ JW


"I had tried to quit smoking using everything from Zyban to acupuncture, but I never had lasting results. Gaye's hypnotherapy program has allowed me to be smoke free for over 3 ½ years. She taught me how to quiet my mind in order control my urge to smoke. I have absolutely no cravings to smoke, and I feel great!

It took a few sessions for the program to work, because I wasn't fully committed at first. (I was feeling pressured to quit.) I returned to see Gaye, after resuming smoking for several months, because I was determined to quit. It took one session, and I haven't looked back since.

If you are ready to quit smoking, I highly recommend Gaye Wilson's hypnotherapy program.

~ Don H.


"Well, I have wonderful news. I had one final meeting in my class where the infamous presentation occurred, and I participated in the class discussion with NO sweaty palms, racing heart, blushing, dry mouth, etc.

It was an amazing feeling. I really felt "I am capable". Wow, I wasn't expecting results that dramatic.

I am off of school this week, and no doubt next week's courses will begin with introductions, so I will get to use "I am capable" again (I actually am using it all day long)."

ll get to use "I am capable" again (I actually am using it all day long)."

Thank you so much.
~ N.C.

after one session of EBP


"My name is Greg Katz, I am 60 years old, and have been smoking for 42 of those years. I went through Gaye`s program, with my quit date Oct 15th. That was six weeks ago! I am feeling GREAT. I am so happy to not be smoking. I absolutly could not have done it without Gaye`s skill and support. Just knowing that she is a phone call away, Gives me strength and confidence. In the last two weeks I have hardly thought about smoking, which is where I have wanted to be for many years now."

Thank you Gaye.


Hello Gaye,

"I attended your stop smoking seminar held at the Yolo County Health Department on Saturday, September 22. I am happy to inform you that I have been officially smoke free since then!

It was actually MUCH easier than I thought it would be. It was a bit skeptical, never having been hypnotized before, but I kept an open mind and "let myself go" by following your instructions while under hypnosis. (I had once attended one of those huge seminar hypnosis workshops with 300 other people, which not surpisingly, did not work at all.)

Making it even easier was the fact that I also began jogging and cycling, giving me even more of a reason to stop. The energy level I now have throughout the day is simply amazing.

Thank you so much! I will highly recommend your services!"

Again, thanks!

~ Joel M. Garcia


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